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I'm Still Here....

Posted by l0llygaggin on 2006.10.31 at 02:57
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Current Music: Five For Fighting- (Don't know name of song)

I'm still here...I'm 50 pounds down and at a standstill.
I could be doing better and I could probably be another 25lbs down.
HOWEVER...I'm not using my strict control I was using before.

I need to get back on track.
I was doing so well when I was posting daily here.

I'm working at the commissary now....which is good cuz I am working in the Produce section...the section I need to be eating out of. It's kinda like a daily reminder. I was working for the other civilian employer on post, and loved that job too, but it pays half of what the commissary pays. I also lost my strict control while working there....everyone ate out for lunch every day and I was failing at controlling my eating. I was eating out at Popeyes, Taco Bell & Burger King. Perhaps this move to the commissary will help me re-focus.

I am currently working on Dr. Phil's book "The Ultimate Weight Solution".

I'd like to start over, beginning today.
Anyone care to join me?

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