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Posted by cierrablue on 2006.09.05 at 07:39
yogurt 154
sandwich 385
salad 166

Running total: 705
Water: 7


Labor Day post

Posted by cierrablue on 2006.09.05 at 07:37
Current Mood: crappycrappy
I ate so much yesterday. I ate so much that I couldn't even track it. I don't even want to think about it, I just want to start over and feel better.

Day 78

Posted by l0llygaggin on 2006.09.05 at 14:46
Current Mood: tiredtired
Feeling a little better...now it's all in the nose, drainage.
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Daily Total:
521 Calories, 12 Carbs, 11 Fat, 75 Protein, 1 Fiber, 1043mg Sodium

Going to gym tonite.

Day 77 - 11 weeks

Posted by l0llygaggin on 2006.09.04 at 08:36
Current Mood: sicksick
Still feeling crappy. Hoarse and coughing.
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Daily Total:
901 Calories, 101 Carbs, 19 Fat, 82 Protein, 12 Fiber, 2102mg Sodium


Day 20 ?

Posted by cierrablue on 2006.09.03 at 12:36
Current Mood: weirdweird
Current Music: Wendy during the hurricane
Today is a strange day, for sure.


Frozen waffle,banana/blueberries 333
Half Sandwich 206
Linguini/sauce 615
Milky Way/Tootsie Pop 320

Running total: 1,474
Exercise: not today. Maybe tomorrow.

Day 76

Posted by l0llygaggin on 2006.09.03 at 08:30
Current Mood: sicksick
Forgive me for being "blah".
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Daily Total:
931 Calories, 88 Carbs, 17 Fat, 109 Protein, 25 Fiber, 3862mg Sodium



Some day in the challenge... I don't know what day.

Posted by cierrablue on 2006.09.02 at 09:25
Current Mood: amusedamused
Current Music: Howard Tapes
Yesterday went pretty good. I'm going to try to have another day like that.


Cereal/berries/milk 227
veggie dog 308
chicken/rice/brocolli 961

Running total: 1,333
Water: 6
Exercise: no

Day 75

Posted by l0llygaggin on 2006.09.02 at 10:01
Current Mood: sicksick
I finally made it thru a day w/o cheating or binging. The scale this morning reflects it too. Thank God I made it thru the day and now I can face today. I can do it!
lj-cut text="Today's Accountability">
Egg Beater scrambled eggs, 1/3 avocado -180 Calories

Healthy Choice Turkey Cubes, Cheese Cubes -612 Calories


Healthy Choice Pizza Bread (?) -370 Calories

Daily Totals:
1163 Calories, 73 Carbs, 58 Fat, 86 Protein, 12 Fiber, 2570mg Sodium

Vitamins: B Complex & C


Oops! I did it again!

Posted by cierrablue on 2006.09.01 at 16:41
Current Mood: workingworking
Current Music: Best of Howard Stern
Yesterday and today. Aug 31 and Sept 1st.

Pizza 1087
Chicken/Rice/Slaw 1029

Running total: 2116
Water: 5


Coffee/mini bagel 269
sandwich 209
Soy Crisps 120
Rice/brocolli/cheese 679

Running total: 1,277
Water: 8
Exercise: 20 mins

Day 74

Posted by l0llygaggin on 2006.09.01 at 20:06
Ok world...it's time to stop the cycle!
I do not understand myself sometimes. I don't understand why I have to binge. I'm sick and freakin' tired of these destructive habits and today being a new month, means it is the perfect time to start over with a new beginning.

Small Hoagie with Turkey, Mozzarella Chs, Sliced Banana Peppers and Tomato.

Chicken Breast, Mixed Veggies, Butter Beans (no margarine)

747 Calories, 106 Carbs, 9 Fat, 53 Protein, 19 Fiber, 1486mg Sodium


Day 15 and 16

Posted by cierrablue on 2006.08.31 at 12:23
Current Mood: contentcontent
Current Music: Gotan Project
Well, I flubbed up and forgot to post yesterday. I didn't overeat though. I actually just wasn't hungry.

Coffee w/milk/sugar 59
mini bagel 140
pizza 425

Running Total: 624


pizza 288

Running Total: 288
Exercise: 0

After reviewing, I'm more behind than I realized. :( I'm just going to skip the days I missed and pick it up from here.
Water: 4

Day 73

Posted by l0llygaggin on 2006.08.31 at 08:18
Well, I'm feeling better today so I'm ready to get back on track.

Protein Drink 110 Calories




Daily Total:

Day 72

Posted by l0llygaggin on 2006.08.30 at 10:44
I'm not feeling well this morning so I'm gonna have to skip breakfast.
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Daily Total:
1098 Calories, 90 Carbs, 61 Fat, 53 Protein, 14 Fiber. 1227mg Sodium

Vitamins: B Complex & C

Day 71

Posted by l0llygaggin on 2006.08.29 at 09:31
Protein Drink 110 Calories

Protein Drink w/ flaxseed 170 Calories


HC Beef Pot Roast, Fresh Veggies in V&o Dressing 407 Calories

Daily Totals:
688 Calories, 66 Carbs, 22 Fat, 64 Protein, 13 Fiber, 706mg Sodium

Day 70

Posted by l0llygaggin on 2006.08.28 at 07:53
TEN WEEKS...10 WEEKS...and 38lbs lighter...WOW!
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Daily Total:
1056 Calories, 74 Carbs, 40 Fat, 104 Protein, 15 Fiber, 2497mg Sodium

Vitamins: B Complex & C


Dat 14 of challenge

Posted by cierrablue on 2006.08.27 at 15:18
Current Mood: blankblank
cereal/milk 137
ham/swiss 170
chips 300
baked potato 273

Running total: 882
Water: 2
Exercise: not yet.

Day 69

Posted by l0llygaggin on 2006.08.27 at 10:03
Today's AccountabilityCollapse )
daily totals:
789 Calories, 79 Carbs, 19 Fat, 77 Protein, 15 Fiber, 1489mg Sodium

vitamins: b complex & c

Day 68

Posted by l0llygaggin on 2006.08.26 at 08:55
Current Mood: thoughtfulthoughtful
Good Morning!

May sound silly to you but I was pleasantly suprised this morning when he hubby took out the puppy this morning. I didn't have to ask, he just did. Isn't that nice?

Ok...today I am going to get some kind of exercise in today.

The puppy chewed my cord to the mouse hooked up to my laptop!
Today's AccountabilityCollapse )
Daily Total:
1014 Calories, 64 Carbs, 40 Fat, 95 Protein, 14 Fiber, 2657mg Sodium

Vitamins: B Complex & C
Exercise: 30 10-sec crunches, 25 hammer curls, 25 arm curls


Day 13 of challenge

Posted by cierrablue on 2006.08.25 at 17:18
Current Mood: sadsad
Current Music: Forensic Files
I'm preoccupied today. But still on track.

cereal/milk 137
ham sandwich/soy crisps 438
ravioli/sauce 497
lima beans 229

Running total: 1,300
Water: 5
Exercise: none

Day 67

Posted by l0llygaggin on 2006.08.25 at 05:11
Current Mood: curiouscurious
I kinda messed up last nite but not real bad. I am confident I can get back on track today. Also today, the Army is sponsoring a program "Lose to Win" and my friend and I are going today to join. Teams are of 5, but we've got 4 and are looking for our 5th. I am hoping that this will also help me to maintain control over my binge eating and hold me even more accountable. Hoping this will get me started going to the gym now too.
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Daily Total:
894 Calories, 91 Carbs, 34 Fat, 65 Protein, 12 Fiber, 1537mg Sodium

Vitamins: Vitamin E w/FO and B Complex & C

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